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Research Papers

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Estimating the Negative Impact of "Noise" on the Returns of Cap-Weighted Portfolios in Various Segments of the Equity Markets
Russell J. Fuller, Bing Han, and Yining Tung, Third Quarter 2012

Thinking About Indexes, and Passive vs. Active Management
Russell J. Fuller, Bing Han, and Yining Tung, April 2010

The Fundamental Law of Active Management: Time Series Dynamics and Cross-Sectional Properties
Zhuanxin Ding, Ph.D., December 2009

The Sub-Prime Mess (What We Should Have Known, or Learned, From Behavioral Economics)
Russell J. Fuller, CFA and Thomas G. Fuller, November 2008

Behavioral Finance and the Sources of Alpha
Russell J. Fuller, CFA, February 6, 2000

Rational Pricing of Internet Companies
Eduardo Schwartz and Mark Moon, September 1999, Revised January 2000

Naive Diversification Strategies in Defined Contribution Saving Plans
Shlomo Benartzi and Richard Thaler, January 1999

Earnings Heuristics Working for the "Right Reasons"
RJF Asset Management, December 1994